Saturday, November 1, 2008

Song Of The Week

Hey Ya from Kidnap. This song has been playing in my media player, or on YouTube, or in my head all this week. It adds the spring in my step.

When I watched this movie, I did not like any of the songs at all. Not to mention that the movie was too predictable to write about. Digression: The first thing that came to my mind was not that it was too predictable to be enjoyable, but too predictable to write about!

But after listening to this song a few times, I've grown to like it. In Bollywood one normally hears the hero saying things like "Ladki hai ya balaa" but I've never before heard the heroine lip sync to a line like "Ladki hoon ya balaa!" On the whole, the whole thing has a nice, happy feel to it. I have a special liking for bubbly, energetic numbers sung by female singers. Sona Disda by Anamika. Munda Tu Hai Punjabi Sona by Jaspinder Narula. Aaje Ve by Sona. And the early songs of Alisha's singing career. And of course, Bad Bad Girls and Ek Hockey Doongi Rakh Ke from Chak De! India.

A guy asked me how I liked Minissha Lamba's look in this movie. Before I could say anything, he told himself that he was asking the wrong audience and proceeded to ask another guy. Well, after watching this video any number of times, I love it! Love her look, love the song.

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