Sunday, November 2, 2008

Why I Continue To Blog

Saturday, May 17, 2008: Random Musings comes into existence.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008: My private blog comes into existence.

Saturday, August 23, 2008: The combined total number of posts on Random Musings and The Personal Stuff adds up to a hundred.

Monday, September 15, 2008: The number of posts on Random Musings goes up to a hundred.

Today: The combined total goes to two hundred posts! I have become so addicted to blogging. I write just because I want to write, because I don't have the kind of peaceful time alone that I need or want in order to write a book, but I want to keep in touch with the writer inside me. So she can churn out something randomly interesting when she does get the time to do so. Perhaps during the shutdown this year.

Here's why I get a kick out of blogging:

  • It is, by far, the most constructive, creative and easy-to-keep-up-with leisure activity I have ever been introduced to. There was a time when I used to love painting. I still have one of those hanging on my bedroom wall. I would actually like to resume that too, someday, but it needs a little more dedication, larger chunks of leisure time, art supplies... and it is messy sometimes. You also need a fair amount of clear space, which is difficult to find in our house!
  • Sometimes, blogging gives me unexpected insights into the kind of person I really am.
  • Sometimes, blogging gives me unexpected insights into the kind of person people think I really am.
  • It helps me relax, offload my worries, my anger, my fears. Even if there's something I absolutely cannot share, even with my closest friends, I write it down and that makes me feel so much better.
  • When I feel good about something, and I write about it, I feel even better!
  • It gives me a sense of achievement that I don't really get from anything else.
  • It reminds me of the good old days when I used to write for the school magazine and edit what other people wrote for it. I think I want to write a separate post about this soon.
  • It keeps my grey cells on their toes, on the lookout for something to write about. (Okay, I know you can't keep cells on their toes, but you don't have to take everything literally!)
  • In the process, I have some fun, and so do some of my friends who actually like reading my ramblings which are of no real consequence to any of them.


actinium said...

i've got 1 more reason:
- torturing your grey cells by making keeping dem on their non-existent toes has not gone down well with other constituents of your brain; viz. the substantia nigra, and u can no longer stop yourself from troubling numerous electrons at odd (and even "even") hours
:P :P

Anonymous said...

Well, this may not be reason for you to blog, but as a reader, I'd add one more advantage of blogging:
Sometimes, blogging gives other people unexpected insights into the kind of person you really are. :-)

Have you majored in Biology? :-o

Bhavya said...

Bhatti is really trying to write nice stuff to get away from that PVC!
And that blog comment was only a sneak preview, today I got a nice little lesson in Biology, at the end of which the learned Mr Ashish Chopra told me that my Biology was really weak!

Anonymous said...

Na, na!! Am not trying to get away from PVC.. Why shud I? woh to usi post mein clear ho gaya tha naa? (Read ur own follow-up comment)

Give me a chance and I'll get back in form again.. :-)

Bhavya said...

Bhatti, kya aajkal tumhe Ashish ye sikhaa rahe hain ki Bhavya se pange kaise liye jaate hain?

actinium said...

mai?! aur bhatti ko sikhaun?! yeh toh Betelgeuse ko diya dikhane wali baat ho gayi!!! mai aisi gustakhi karne ki soch bhi nahi sakta...!

Bhavya said...

ha ha... look at the pot calling the kettle black!