Thursday, November 20, 2008

Song(s) Of The Week(s)

I noticed I didn't write my Song Of The Week post last weekend. And over the approaching weekend, Random Musings will probably be on a break. So I thought I'd write about these three songs today, which have been slightly significant in one way or the other over the last few days, and which I have been listening to over and over again.

Punjab by Karunesh: On Friday, I was in my car with a couple of friends, listening to the radio. They happened to play Lut Jaaon from Karzzz (okay, I don't know how many z's are supposed to go there!). So one of my friends and I started talking about Karunesh's music, the way it always comprises of basically one short set of notes repeated over and over again. That's how it is in Lut Jaaon. That's how it is in Punjab. I felt a very strong, immediate desire to listen to Punjab but I was too close to my destination to be able to hear all of it. I listened to it about a dozen times in the office that day. Later that day, I went out to dinner with Aditi and Sumit. As I was returning home, I played music from my pen drive instead of the radio this time. It was on shuffle, and guess which song it played first? Oh, by the way, it was nearly midnight, so it was nearly the fifteenth of November. And my player randomly choosing to play the song that Ashish has been using as the ring tone on his cellphone (since time immemorial) reminded me to wish him a happy birthday! Not that I would not have remembered otherwise. Just, maybe not exactly at midnight.

Sabka Katega Ram by BodhiTree: This is a song that was once very popular in our Department (The Department of Computer Science at the University of Delhi, where I did my MCA), a while after we'd finished our MCA, but still used to visit from time to time. One of my juniors over there used to play it on his guitar and sing it really well. I think this was one of the first few songs that Neeraj copied to his iRiver and listened to over and over again. This song brings back some sweet memories of the time for me. I'd actually forgotten it for a while, but on Monday, when we were celebrating Ashish's birthday in the office, he sang it to the team. I think Mohit and the others, most of whom had never heard it before, were a little disappointed. But I was immensely pleased. My favourite lines:

What brought us together might remain unspoken.
What held us together might be worn off and broken.
Even if your way was different, as I felt was mine
Now I want our paths to cross, waiting for my time.
Kya hua jo jhooth kaha ki mujhe na tumse pyaar
Maan bhi jaao kat jaayega pyaar mein jeevan yaar

Yakeen by Atif Aslam: Another firm favourite that I'd forgotten for a while. There was this RJ I heard on Friday morning, just a little before Lut Jaaon, who said he was going to play the Club Mix version of Yakeen. He pointed out that it was the Club Mix, not the original, so the listeners may not like it. Well, it is nice, but not as nice as the original. And the original is kind of special to me for reasons mentioned here. So this is another slightly forgotten favourite that I'm rediscovering these days. Favourite lines:

Ab agar tum mile to
Itna yakeen hai
Has denge hum to
Rona nahin hai

Observation: Normally, when I quote lyrics from songs or dialogues from movies, I google (or IMDb) for the exact words. This is the first time I wrote song lyrics from memory, without even trying to look for them somewhere first.


My ID not me said...

Totally addicted to "Rock On!"
All songs rock except Zahreelay .. must have heard atleast 100 times each one of them .. got the lyrics booklet along with the CD.

Bhavya said...

Rock On... the first album I found worthy of reviewing on Random Musings.

actinium said...

"...started talking about Karunesh's music, the way it always comprises of basically one short set of notes repeated over and over again..."
typical characteristic of Lounge, which is what exactly Karunesh composes. Nice observation.

Bhavya said...


Grammatical error: "which is exactly what Karunesh composes"

Too bad I can't highlight in pink here :D

And yes, I noticed this first with Lut Jaaon a few weeks back, and then, came to think of it, and saw that this is exactly the way all lounge music goes.

Amit said...

My ID not me said...

All songs rock except Zahreelay .

Ypou mean you don't like
Zahreelay!! :-o :-o
Aaj kal logo ko achche lyrics ka taste hi nahin rah gaya hai.. :(
Right, akash??

Bhavya said...

I don't like Zehreelay either! It's only because of neighbours like you and Akash that I was sometimes forced to listen to it and sometimes found myself humming it too!

Akash said...