Saturday, November 15, 2008

"The Best Goodbye Ever"

Nice tag line.

In case you didn't know, this tag line belongs to

After quite a while I really enjoyed a movie. Maybe because I went out for a movie after quite a while.

The general idea that forms the base of this movie is not really new or unique, but I really liked the way it was presented here. It was absolutely beautiful, the way it shows a dying man's journey towards his death, without getting overly emotional at any point of time. Not to say that it was not sad. It was. In the right parts. To the right extent. But then, it was also amusing in parts. In the right way.

I liked the way Vinay Pathak's character Amar Kaul became a different person all together, once he decided to live his life his way. To the fullest. I think there is a bit of that kind of different person inside all of us, wanting to get out. Once in a while, we do allow that person to get out into the open. But often, we keep her or him bottled up inside ourselves.

Terrific performance by Vinay. He's been very expressive in this film. And ridiculously hilarious performance by Saurabh Shukla. The character of Amar's "mumma" was also portrayed really well by Sarita Joshi. And Rajat Kapoor was obviously great, as always, as was Ranvir Shorey, in spite of the fact that he had only so much screen time.

And here's the icing on the cake. The kind of movie that this is, I'd normally expect that it would basically have some music going in the background, but no real soundtrack to write home about. Like Mithya or Bheja Fry.

Pleasant surprise. Kailash Kher has crafted a bunch of really nice tracks here. Only three, actually, if you don't count remixes and instrumental versions separately. But three really good ones. There's the emotional Alvida, the feel good Muskura, and the really cute, slightly amusing track, Mumma. This one is really adorable when you see Vinay singing it. Okay, lip-syncing to it.

Worth a watch. And a listen too.

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