Saturday, November 15, 2008

Happy Birthday, Ashish!

Disclaimer: I know that Ashish's birthday falls on the fifteenth of November. He wanted me to write this post on the fifteenth and publish it on the sixteenth.

As promised here, and revisited here, here are my ramblings on one of my dearest friends.

  • Ashish is one of those people who can be completely angelic one moment, and totally devilish the next. One instant he'll tell me something really nice and thoughtful, and the very next instant he'll jab me with a slightly mean comment.
  • This is one guy who can give me an instant mood lift by playing me a nice song on his PC. Even if he claims that I somehow managed to hurt his feelings and plays Yakeen by Atif Aslam with an almost realistic indignant expression on his face.
  • He has this talent for writing me an email about a buggy feature in our code, or a comment on my blog, at really odd hours in the night, that is thought provoking enough to keep me awake till 3 AM. And the next day he'll give me a genuine, heartfelt discourse on how important it is for me to get a good night's sleep. Oh, and when I'm sleep deprived, (because of him or someone or something else) and feeling totally drowsy in the middle of the workday, I refuse to let myself rely on coffee to wake me up. Ashish has this characteristic way of getting up from his seat, announcing that he's getting some tea for himself and coffee for me, and then proceeding to execute the threat.
  • Since time immemorial, we've been talking about how monotonous his clothes are and that I should take him shopping for more interesting stuff. But this guy has the time and inclination to fix bugs from home on a national holiday, but not to shop. Even though I offered to sponsor his new wardrobe!
  • Okay, I cannot resist the temptation to write this. He's a terrific singer, but he doesn't really match up to Hemant!

This post was not intended to include genuine, serious appreciation, just some good natured fun. Which is why I choose to stop here. But I will add this here: May you get the best of everything in life, and may the materialization of "the best" always surpass your expectations!

Actual time of writing this post: Saturday, November 15, 2008, 1:55 AM.


amitbhatnagar said...

Oops!! missed Chopra's B'day :'(
Koi nahin.. ab kar dete hain..

Happy B'day, Ashish.. :-) i guess u r more regular here than on Orkut.. So this is a better place to wish u.. :-)

He wanted me to write this post on the fifteenth and publish it on the sixteenth.
Kya peculiar demand hai..:-o

He's a terrific singer, but he doesn't really match up to Hemant!
Arey.. didn't u hear him on the Quiz day?? In the quiz and after that, in the B'day bash.. Waiting for an repeat on Monday!! :-)

Bhavya said...


Peculiar demand ki kahaani to kal subah aaraam se sun lena. And of course I heard him in the quiz, and in the birthday bash, but you didn't hear Hemant on the return journey from Rishikesh!

My ID not me said...

Happy B'day Ashish, if you happen to read this.. Have a great year ahead.

Good present to have a b'day post dedicated to you and that too without much of a pulling!

actinium said...

12:01 am!? he ram! it seems u'd been dying 2 post dis! m very glad abt d way dis post eventually turned out...though i shud mention dat "some" of the comments were written simply vid an intention to irk me - n dey did serve dere purpose - i ws expecting much worse, n hence d request 4 d delay ;)
vaise thnx every1 :-)

Bhavya said...

To quote Bhatti:
"i guess u r more regular here than on Orkut.."

Bhatti ne sahi kaha kya? Ashish?

Bhavya said...


I'd definitely been dying to post this, but I wasn't sitting around waiting for the clock to strike twelve. Kyunki aap khud blog nahin likhte isliye aapko bata doon ki blogger mein ek scheduled post ka bhi funda hota hai. I was actually in the middle of writing another post at that time and didn't really realise what the time was!

And about the irksome comments, aapko jo laga sahi laga, obviously!

actinium said...

(un)fortunately, yes...

Bhavya said...

Ye (un)fortunately ka kya matlab hai?

actinium said...

aapko kya lagta hai?! :P

Bhavya said...

mujhe ye lagta hai ki basically u enjoy reading my blog, but you have this strong natural instinct to pull my leg and to say and do stuff that irks me. This instinct prevented you from saying fortunately yes.

And don't bother validating this. I know you are not going to admit that I am right, either here, or anywhere else, about this or about anything else!

Bhavya said...

By the way, Ashish, it felt good to know that u r glad about the way this post turned out. And may I remind you that I said post(s)

actinium said...

i guess u'd hav significantly more material to write d other post now...

Bhavya said...

Well, guess what? I just sat down with my laptop and intended to write a comment to exactly that effect here

Bhavya said...

But not today. I already have two overdue posts to finish and I'm pretty sleep deprived