Sunday, October 26, 2008

Random Things I Love About My Friends

This is some slightly weird stuff that I tend to like about people. There are a lot of other, more serious, deeper things that I like about these and other people, but I am in a mood to write about the weird stuff.

  • Sumit Vohra: The way he always pulls my leg about my obsessive need to take a bath twice a day. And of course, the way he always dresses up only in black and flaunts it if I am around, or makes it a point to tell me if I am not!
  • Varun Aggarwal: The incessant PJs that always cheer me up, no matter how low I may be feeling.
  • Shashank: The weird style in which he says "Hello" when he answers the phone. It always makes me laugh! My mom heard that "Hello" once, ages ago, before the age of mobile phones, Shashank called me at home and my mom answered the phone and he mistook her for me. She still remembers it, and still identifies him with it!
  • Amit Bhatnagar: The weird noises that my cubicle neighbour makes while working at his desk all day long, the vocal ones as well as the occasional table-drumming. I am actually pretty certain that I am not a nice, quiet cubicle neighbour either! I'll look forward to Bhatti's comments on this.
  • Alok: The way he calls me to say "Ek bahut zaroori kaam hai." I can usually tell by the tone and the amount of stress laid on the word zaroori that he's calling to show me something interesting, unrelated to work, or to ask me an equally interesting question. When it's a work related issue, the word zaroori will not be stressed upon half as much. It may actually be dropped out all together.
  • Anuranjan: The way he gives me strange looks every time he walks by my cubicle. And the way he constantly teases me about my liking for the colour pink. Well, a lot of other people do that as well. But, obviously, nobody else's way is as endearing!
  • Abhinav Gupta and Akash: The way they will, on a daily basis, survey what I wear to work, together with the accessories, and come up with newer, more creative ways of making fun of it all.


Bhavya said...

Significant observations on this post:

1. I spent quite some time thinking of every weird habit any of my friends have. No female friend's quirks came to mind. Not that women are not quirky. I wrote a whole post about my own quirks.

2. I really wanted to mention Ashish Chopra here. But it's actually pretty difficult to pick just one or two quirks. Separate post(s).

actinium said...


Bhavya said...

Yes, post(s).
What's so surprising about that?

amitbhatnagar said...

"I am actually pretty certain that I am not a nice, quiet cubicle neighbour either! "

That implies two things:
1) I am not a quiet neighbor (Agreed!)
2) I am not a nice neighbour.. (Am I not? :'( :'( )

Bhavya said...

Arey yaar tum samjhe nahin theek se meri intention ko... "nice, quiet" was supposed to be a single adjective... and of course you are a very nice neighbour! nahin to din mein chaar baar Akash ki jagah tumhe daant sunne ko milti meri!