Sunday, October 26, 2008

Random Things I Like About THE Geek

There is this creature in my house which belongs to a nondescript species. He sometimes claims to be an African Jungle Wild Cat. Sometimes he acts like a dangerous snake. On Rakshabandhan, I thought a post on the subject was in order, and I did write it then. Today, another post is in order, since the Great Geek Lord turns a year older today. And I liked the way I did my last post, so I'll do this one in the same way. So here's what I like about him:
  • He'll always be more than happy to fix anything that needs fixing, especially if it is an electronic gadget.
  • He loves to impart knowledge to other people, whether they need it or not. He loves introducing people around him to geeky sites. That's how I was introduced to CodeProject, Wikipedia, even orkut - at a time when hardly anybody around me had heard of them. When GMail was new to the world, and you could sign up by invitation only, there were lots of people dying to get an invitation. I was sent an unsolicited invitation and was actually made to sign up.
  • He has a really odd sense of humour. There was this time when he asked me where I got my handbag. I was curious about why he wanted to know. He told me, "Just in case I blow it up and need to replace it so that you don't get to know."
  • He has this incredible gift. He can sleep for twelve hours straight on a regular basis. On most weekends, he gets up only around 3 PM. Well, for him, a weekend is basically just Saturday, since he generally works on Sundays. So my weekends are quite peaceful, since he is quite a devil when he's awake, but he looks just like an angel while he sleeps.
  • He always comes up with some interesting request for a gift. (More on this here and here.) If I cannot find what he wants, he's quite cool about it. But if I can, he expresses his appreciation in a wonderful way.

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