Saturday, October 18, 2008

More On Looking For A Gift

Follow up to The Art Of Gift Giving.

So my brother decided he could settle for a Yoda action figure instead of a Hobbes soft toy. I searched for "Yoda" on and they told me that there were no search results for Yoda, and they replaced my keyword with "Yoga" and showed me a long list of books on exercise and meditation.

Huge Star Wars fan this guy is. The computers in our house are called Yoda, Windu and Vader. The local network we have is called HoloNet.

Anyone know where I could find a lightsaber?


actinium said...

try searching on
i believe u cn find both dere, Yoda action figure as well as star Wars lightsaber

Bhavya said...

I could actually find this stuff on amazon, but they won't ship to India. I can't find the relevant FAQs on thinkgeek. Do you know if they ship to India?