Monday, October 27, 2008

Ae Zindagi...

The month is almost out and I haven't written anything poetic in October! I will not let my poetic streak die!

This one is addressed to life and to the forces of Nature that control it.

Kabhi phoolon se hamaari raahein mehkaai
Kabhi pattharon pe chalna sikhaya tune
Kabhi khushiyon se daaman bhar diya
Kabhi aansoo peena sikaya tune
Jab humein andheri lagne lagi ye duniya
Kabhi chaand to kabhi suraj dikaaya tune

Sometimes I write just so my creative streak stays alive. With all the festivities, I did not find time to start work on my book this weekend but I made it a point to utilise every fifteen minute chunk of leisure time by writing something.

Okay, high time I went to sleep. Need to get up early to attend the puja at my brother's office. Happy Diwali, my dear readers!

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