Thursday, October 30, 2008

Very Special Bhai Dooj

This year, we held all the festivities at our place in the evening, as opposed to the traditional, morning ritual. Hardly significant, I say. What matters is that you wish your siblings well.

My brother in the office, Aman, gave me the cutest coffee mug I ever saw. And it's pink too!

Here's the best and most special part about this Bhai Dooj. My brother Nikhil, for the first time in his life, gave me some of his own hard earned money for Bhai Dooj. Until now, he's been borrowing money from our parents to hand out to me on every Rakhi and Bhai Dooj. I'm feeling so happy.

All the best, bro. May you make it really big!

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phatichar said...

'My brother Nikhil'.. hmm, that's a coincidence. :-)