Sunday, September 18, 2016

This kid inspires

When faced with year-long restrictions - no school, no indoor public spaces, no visitors in our house and no visits to friends' houses - just to name a few, a parent like myself will tend to be angry and frustrated with the hand that we have been dealt. But our three year old has gradually learnt to deal with it all in a very positive way. She used to love going to the library and now she has a corner in the living room where we have two shelves of her books. She calls that corner the library and pretends she's borrowing books from there.
She can't go to the grocery store, so she puts one of her dolls in her toy shopping cart and pretends she's at the grocery store. She's learnt that if she wants something, say a baked good, we can't just get up and go to the store and get it. So she asks if we can make it ourselves. Sometimes we can and we do. Bonus: we can control the quantity and quality of ingredients.
She can't go to grocery stores, so we've been taking her to farmers' markets and pick-your-own farms. Can't go to restaurants, so more cooking at home. We're eating fresher and she's learning about where food comes from. We had a great visit to the farmers' market the other day which ended with a snack of green beans for her and raspberries for me - both fresh picked and grown less than 5 miles from our house. I made my first soup this week which was all local ingredients, and a salsa that was mostly local ingredients. Great soup and best salsa I've ever seen/had.