Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tough Decision

Remember the part in Friends where Emily told Ross that, if he wanted their marriage to work, he would have to stop hanging out with Rachel? Now Rachel was his ex, but she was also one of his best friends. I don't know why I just felt like writing about this. What would you do if you were faced with a situation where the supposed love of your life asked you to choose between himself or herself and your best friend of the opposite sex?

Well, you know, it's not that easy to find love. If you've found it once, you may never find it again. So it may be a huge mistake to let go.

On the other hand, how can you let go of your best friend? The one who's seen you through all your ups and downs, all your bad days, your success, your failure, who's seen you tumble, fall, and get up again, who's been there by your side through thick and thin?

I think I would do what Ross eventually did. Because asking me to make a choice like this would mean that the guy I am in love with does not trust me. And well, I think that a relationship that has no love can be worked upon, but one devoid of trust will most certainly fail. If this person is asking me to give up my best friend today, who knows how many other friends, colleagues, maybe even relatives, he will want me to stop talking to later? It would, undoubtedly, be a very difficult decision to take, but, if you think about it objectively, this kind of love isn't really love at all. Because I think that, when you really love someone, you give them space to spread their wings, to fly as high and as far as they can, and to be just who they were meant to be.

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