Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Not my fault that I hadn't been introduced to the concept of blogging when I watched Yuva, four years ago. Last evening I caught a little bit of it again on TV, most of which I couldn't hear among the crackers, but I love this movie all the more every time I watch it. It makes me fall in love all over again with Ajay Devgan, and a little bit with Vivek Oberoi too.

Now this is a reasonably popular, four year old movie, so most people will have watched it and formed their own opinions of it. So I'm not going to write a "normal" review. I don't feel like doing that. Just some random thoughts about it.

  • I love Ajay Devgan's character in the movie. He is so different from all the guys I've ever known. I love the way he "borrows" Esha Deol from her students. I love the way he and his friends break into Gopal's house, and then go to the police station themselves to file an FIR about their own act. I love the way he talks to Om Puri in the sequence where Om is trying to convince him to go to the United States on a scholarship. I love his "Physics lesson" inside jail where he proves that "the Universe is not composed of infinitely dense matter!"
  • I love the way Abhishek Bachchan says "Hello" each time he answers the phone. And the way he points out that he would be paid two thousand buck to guard a printing press worth two crores. Okay, so I don't remember if those were the exact figures, but that was the order.
  • I have never been able to fully comprehend why Rani chose to stay with Abhishek, against her family's wishes, even though she did not approve of what he did and how he treated her. But those two had their incredibly sweet, incredibly romantic moments. The Kabhi Neem Neem number sums it all up pretty well.
  • The scene where Ajay tells Esha to pack her stuff up and stay with him is totally amazing! I was floored with the way he explains everything in terms of hormones and chromosomes, and then says, "Ek simple si baat kehta hoon. I love you. Agar mujhe jhel sakti ho, to mere saath reh sakti ho." ("I'll tell you something very simple. I love you. If you can put up with me, you can live with me.")
  • In the very first scene, Vivek tells Kareena that he loves her. I am sure my friend Sumit remembers how jealous I was of her, when we watched the movie for the first time. I was totally crazy about Vivek then. I think, after O Humdum Suniyo Re, he was at his second-cutest best in the Anjaana-Anjaani number.
  • The end of the movie was a little, well, abrupt. Not really as strong as the rest of the movie. But well, we were all thinking about how else it could have ended, and we didn't really see a better possibility. Does anyone else?


Anonymous said...

Hmm.. Dikh raha hai ki yeh review style kahan sea aa raha hai :-)

Waise i like this.. instead of going for an essay or spoiler kinda review, this one gives u more room for writing what u liked or hated.

Bhavya said...

he he... wo to dikhega hi ki style kahan se aaya hai :P