Monday, October 27, 2008

No Smoking!

I was just channel-surfing for a little while this evening, and I came across this movie on TV. I must have watched it for only about ten minutes, because it had some slightly interesting humour in some places. But in general, this kind of thing puts me off. Like I don't get the thing about crackers, I don't get why people smoke. What do they get out of doing something that is just plain harmful for their bodies? I mean, like drinking in moderation does have some positive effects. But ciggies just suck the life out of your lungs. I find it pretty difficult to respect a person who does not respect his own body. (I used 'he' here because I haven't really known a female who smokes. I know they exist, I have seen lots of them, but I haven't known any.)

And it's not just yourself you harm if you smoke. There will be lots of passive smokers around you as well. Why would you do that to them?

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