Saturday, October 18, 2008

Bad Bad Girls

I really like some of the songs from Chak De! India. I just felt like putting down these lines from Bad Bad Girls to remind some of the guys out there who need to be reminded that girls are no longer living in the nineteenth century and that they have come a long way. They are not going to stay in the kitchens and allow themselves to be treated like dorrmats. They have a mind, a life of their own.

na roti khilayegi na chotiya banayegi na palke jhukayegi
na chhat pe bulayegi na nange pair ayegi na sar pe bithayegi
na ankhiya milayegi na sakhiya bulaayegi, na nakhare uthaayegi
na gori hoke aayegi na chori se manaayegi, na bori mein samaayegi

Just could not resist the desire to go back to male-bashing mode!

PS: Anyone who dares to comment that quoting from the Hockey Doongi Rakh Ke number would have suited me better will be subjected to the treatment described in that song.


Akash said...

I didn't read the post till now but I really appreciate the title if it's generalized..

Bhavya said...

Hadh ho gayi hai teri to! Post padhe bina hi comment likhne lag gaya hai ab!!!