Thursday, October 9, 2008


I'm pretty much used to the idea of one or more of my friends moving to another city or another continent to study, work, or to be with their spouse. Because that kind of thing has happened to me a lot. I've learnt how to keep the relationships alive across the miles, through e-mail, over the phone, and the occasional get together whenever two or more of us are in the same city.

But I never contemplated what would happen if I have to move to another city or country some time. How would I deal with a situation where I have to move away from all my friends, my family, my current way of living, all in one shot? What happens if, one fine day, everything that I take for granted today, changes completely?

Of course, change is the way of life. Change is what keeps things interesting. Keeps life from becoming mundane. And I do believe that, in the long run, changes are always for the better.

Okay, I know I'm just rambling on with a rather random philosophy. But that's what I feel like doing right now.

I think a change of place, a change of pace may be just what I need in order to experiment with my career like I've long wanted to do. It might be able to give me the perspective I need in order to think differently, in order to find a theme for my book, and perhaps the time to write it as well.

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