Saturday, August 16, 2008

Life With A Geek

I have a theory. Younger brothers were sent to Earth basically to irritate elder sisters. Proof of this resides in the room next to mine.

I have only one sibling. I call him Brain. For those of you who did not watch the animated series 'Pinky and the Brain' on Cartoon Network, Brain happens to be a devilishly evil laboratory rat who constantly keeps coming up with new and brilliant plans to take over the world. That's what Nikhil is like - extremely brilliant and completely devilish!

I thought people should know that it's fun living with a geek - and it's useful too. You don't have to go too far if your cellphone or laptop or other such electronic device needs fixing. You are also constantly made aware of all the latest trends in technology whether you like it or not. As a little kid, in the day and age when not too many people knew what a computer was, I was given a free home tutorial on all I could ever need to know about the Internet. He knows everything you’ll ever want to know about any kind of technology. And a lot that you’ll never want to know. The most credible thing about it is that it’s all self taught.

You are also made to feel at ease with stuff like Star Wars, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, The X Files and so on. You are introduced to stuff like The Big Bang Theory and Junkyard Wars which you would never explore on your own. People like David Duchovny and Harrison Ford seem to be natural additions to your list of favourite actors, right up there with Richard Gere and Matthew McConaughey. On Rakshabandhan, it seems perfectly natural to put together a handmade rakhi that looks like an alien, faintly reminiscent of something previously seen on TV in The X Files. You are constantly questioned on when you will get married and move out of the house, so that your room may be transformed into something that resembles Dexter's Laboratory. I'm actually quite curious about that possibility. I'll come back after a couple of weeks of my wedding (when and if it does eventually happen) to see the extent to which this idea was actually implemented. Given the current state of his own room, cluttered with all sorts of wires and screwdrivers and resistors and capacitors and soldering irons, I can expect the laboratory to actually materialize.

Disclaimer: Some of this is ripped from the testimonial I wrote for my brother on orkut.


Anonymous said...

" Younger brothers were sent to Earth basically to irritate elder sisters."
Grrr!! That's a wrong generalization.. Exceptions always exist..
For example, I never indulge in such activities, except sometimes giving her the wrong date for her exams or giving an occasional kick to her teddy or threatening to wake up Sachi when she's sleeping peacefully..
That doesn't qualify me as irritating.. does it??

Bhavya said...

Possibly the occasional kick to her teddy bear would by itself qualify as quite irritating, depending on how often you do that.
And I hope you never actually woke Sachi up when your sister was sleeping!!

Bhavya said...

By the way, Bhatti, nice to see your trademark grrr!! here :P

actinium said...

did u query d current status of ur erstwhile room, den?

Bhavya said...

It's now his summer cottage. It gets a lot less sunshine during summer afternoons than his room does, plus the air conditioner is newer. It also gets more sunshine on winter afternoons. I always knew that. That's why I liked it, other than the fact that it used to be pink. Now my mom has painted the whole house in some neutral colour