Friday, August 15, 2008

Reliving Childhood Memories

My brother and I absolutely LOVE Toy Story! It was one of the earliest movies our parents took us to see. It's cute, it's funny, it's adorable, and it has a touching message about friendship. In those days, our school used to hold an Annual Book Fair. Still does, probably. At that time video CDs and DVDs were not too commonplace in India. My brother got a video cassette of this movie from the book fair that year, a couple of months or so after we first watched it. The next few months, he used to watch that cassette everyday after school. I used to join him quite often.

We still have that cassette. But the player we have reached the end of its useful life quite some time back. We do still have the player, too.

This afternoon we watched Toy Story again on our computer. We've both seen it dozens of times. But it's the kind of movie we can always watch a few more times. And we hadn't seen it in a really long while. It's really short for a movie. Just right for little, restless kids with short attention spans. And for people like me who never outgrew their fidgety and restless nature. Lovely movie. Has a great feel good factor to it. Always makes me feel happy.

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