Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Magik Of Rock On!!

Contrary to what you might be led to believe, this movie is not about rock music. Well, not just rock music, at any rate. It's about human relationships - friendship, love, ego clashes, drifting apart and getting back together, and it's about going after your dreams. Doing just what your heart prompts you to do. As the tag line says, "Live Your Dream." I loved it all. That's a theme really close to my heart, as you'd have understood by now if you've been following my blog, or even if you just read what I wrote about the title song from this movie in my last post.

I found the essential ingredients here which I need in order to like a movie - being able to laugh with the characters when they laugh, and being able to cry when they do. Farhan did an absolutely hilarious rendition of Saanson Ki Zaroorat Hai Jaise at which we all burst out laughing. I'd like to know why that does not feature in the soundtrack. But all the tracks that do feature in the soundtrack are totally amazing. From the whimsically worded Pichle Saat Dinon Mein and Socha Hai to the deep, meaningful Tum Ho Toh and Phir Dekhiye, all the songs strike a chord with the listeners. They're all very hummable. I'm sure I irritated Aarti and Nidhi at least a little bit when I was singing along with each of the songs. Although neither of them complained the way Sumit always does when I do this to him. The way he did when he wrote me a testimonial on orkut.

The movie is distinctly reminiscent of Dil Chahta Hai and Jhankaar Beats, both of which are among my firm favourites which I've seen dozens of times over. Even so, it has a distinct appeal that is all its own. It tells you stuff that you already know, but it does it in a way in which you like hearing it again. The story is really predictable in most parts, but it still keeps you interested. Towards the end, at the second talent hunt where the four lead characters entered their band, Magik, I could tell that Farhan was going to sing Tum Ho Toh on stage, but I still got all misty-eyed when he started. Everybody could tell that Arjun Rampal would eventually come and join the rest of the gang on the stage, but we were still moved when he actually did.

Lovely movie. Teaches you stuff about being friends. About staying friends. About living your life to the fullest. The way you want to. Doing exactly what your heart desires. Keeping track of the important stuff in your life, in your relationships, and letting go of the trivial stuff.

Interesting incident that happened to us during the security check at the entry point. I'd gone with three female friends. (Interestingly, the four of us have known each of the other three for a significant period of time but never before have all of us been in the same place at the same time.) The woman who was performing the security check pointed out that it seemed as if only girls were coming to watch this movie. She asked if it was meant only for girls.

Well, we'd considered the Bachna Ae Haseeno option as well. But isn't it pretty obvious that we should be more interested in four hot hunks than three sultry babes? I watched Purab Kohli in his debut movie and have found him really cute ever since. And Arjun Rampal is obviously a heart throb. Farhan Akhtar has a distinctive appeal. Not to mention that he makes terrific movies, barring the Don debacle, which I could never manage to sit through for more than ten minutes at a time.

Oh, and at the end of the movie, when the closing credits roll, they say, "Don’t download the music, buy the CD." It's worth it. I'd already downloaded it a while back, but I'm still thinking of buying the CD. I'll probably also lay my hands on Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Na while I'm at it.


Akash said...

Yeh achcha hai, pehle promise tod kar movie dekho phir us par blog post likho...

Bhavya said...

aapke saath dobaara dekh lenge sir. and lunch/dinner is on me

Tulika said...

Nice blog..
After reading it, I am tempted to watch this movie :)