Friday, August 8, 2008

My Cab Buddies

8th August 2008. Rimmi's last day at Adobe. The last time Rimmi, Nitika and I went home together.

Since July 2006, Nitika, Neha, Rimmi and I have been a very strong support system for each other. Sharing each little joy, offloading each little worry, gossiping, being happy in the other person's happiness, and cheering them up on their gloomy days. We knew practically everything about everyone else, and everyone in their teams and all their friends from college and school.

There was this broken down van that we used to travel by in the beginning. It had a knack for breaking down at the most desolate spot on the route, especially when one or more of us needed to reach office or home early. Or if it was Women's Day. Or Valentine's. Or Diwali eve. We've crossed all the possible entry points to Noida on foot. The Akshardham flyover. The DND flyover. The Rajnigandha Chowk stretch.

There are so many memories of all colours, shapes and sizes that we have shared in these two years. So much fun that we've had together. Talked about every heartache, every elation, every dillema, every work problem. As Rimmi said when I dropped her off on her last day, Bhagwaan aise cab mates sabko de.

I'm going to miss all that. I miss Neha and I will also miss Rimmi now. Wishing Rimmi all the very best for her future. And hoping for the very best for the rest of us as well.

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Bhavya said...

feels a little odd, not taking the diversion we used to take when picking up Rimmi and not stopping by the "blue" jaali on the way back