Tuesday, September 2, 2008

For Akash...

My first post this month, for a dear friend in office. Someone who irritates everyone by constantly badgering them to buy him momos/maggi/movie tickets/hot chocolate fudge. Someone who whines at everything that goes wrong even a tiny little bit. Who'll always come up with a new way to make fun of whatever I'm wearing. Who once tried his toes on my laptop's fingerprint reader. At the same time, has a very sensitive side that I don't think too many people have seen. Is very quick to notice when any of his friends are seriously upset. Feels strongly about a lot of social issues, as is evident in his blog. Cares a lot about his friends. And his family. Knows how to be a friend. How to cheer people up with his antics. To make them feel good when they need to be made to feel good.

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Akash said...

Thanks Bhavya,

I feel so touched by this dedicated entry :)