Sunday, September 14, 2008

For Everyone Who Encouraged Me To Write

I am really happy to be writing this hundredth post on Random Musings today. In the last four months I have rediscovered the forgotten joy of creative writing, gained some more self confidence, found a terrific way to give expression to everything that goes on in my mind.

This post is for Bhatti, who encouraged me to start blogging in the first place.

For Akash, whose "
uncommitted commitment" to write comments on my blog always kept me going.

For Sumit, who made my day on my birthday by telling me that he chalks out time twice a week to read my blog. He'd never written any comments until then, but he couldn't have given me a better birthday gift than a comment

For Aditi Madan, Aditi Gupta,
Abhinav, Alok, Vikas Jain (the one who was my junior in DU), Kavita, Jayant, Dr Amber Habib, Tulika, Chaya, Rimmi, Geeta, and everyone else who ever wrote a comment or a mail praising or criticising anything I ever wrote here.

For Bhavna and Aarti, who always read everything I write, and let me know that they do, even though they never write a comment.

And yes, there was the time when I told Ashish that I wouldn't write anything more on my blog until he read everything I'd written so far. He did, eventually, although my patience gave way a little before he managed to do so. But he wrote a large number of comments on various entries during that particular week, most of which made me feel really good. There was this one particular morning when, as soon as he walked in at work, he told me that I write really well. I still feel really good when I recall how he praised
this particular post that morning. This is also for him.


actinium said...

excuse me...u make it sound like as if i don't read ur blog any more!

Bhavya said...

Did not mean to make it sound like that... certainly not half an hour after you wrote a comment here. Folks, don't get any wrong ideas, my friend here still reads my blog and still writes comments regularly and still makes me feel good by doing so.

actinium said...

jaao maaf kiya :P

Bhavya said...

Thank you sir :)

Rimmi said...

yay...i got mentioned in your blog...i love it when that happens :D

Bhavya said...

And I love it when people love being mentioned in my blog :)

Bhavya said...

It seems to me that you stopped reading my blog immediately after you made me admit here that you still read it! And I was thinking of sharing my other blog with you!