Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I've never, in my life or in my career, landed up with what I thought I wanted to land up with. But I've been reasonably happy with whatever I did get. I was discussing this with someone I recently met. His take on this thing was that when we don't get something we want, our brain subscribes to the sour grapes theory and we begin to believe that the thing we thought was great wasn't so great after all. Interesting take that was. But that's not how it is with me. I still think that the things I originally thought I wanted were things that would have made me really happy. I think that was the really good stuff in life. But I also think that what I eventually did get was also pretty good. I think we all need to have this little nagging feeling that we are pretty happy with what we have, but we can be just a little bit happier. It keeps us from becoming complacent. From losing the desire to do anything new or interesting. That is something we should all do once in a while. Keeps the flavour of life a little tangy. And a little sweet.

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