Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Going Out With My Team

Here are some random observations I have gathered from various outings with my team, like Monday's dinner outing.
  • When you meet the same people (whom you work with every day) in a different setting, and let your guards down, and they let theirs down, you get to see them for the people that they really are. This is something you don't always get to see otherwise.
  • I find it reasonably easy to grow to be friends with someone, to like them, but I find it really difficult to trust someone completely. Only last night I realized that, in the immediate team of around fifty people (which includes only three females, including myself) that I went out with last night, there are only two guys I would trust completely and feel totally safe around. One of them is my boss. The other is my brother in the team, Aman. I am sure that if I actually had an elder brother, he could not have been any more caring.
  • For some unexplained reason, I always get a dull ache in my left arm the day after I go bowling. I bowl with my right hand.
  • On the day we plan a team outing, and on the day after that, I accomplish nothing at work.


kavita said...

Interested to see what guys other than Aman and your boss have to say about this post :P

Bhavna said...

lagta hei abhi tab Abhinav ne pada nahi yeh....

Bhavya said...

unko already pata hai ki mujhe kitna bharosa hai unpe :P

amitbhatnagar said...

Thanks for the concern, Kavita.. Yes, we all are terribly hurt.. :'(