Saturday, November 1, 2008

Memories And Surprises

Sometimes I surprise myself with all the stuff that I am able to remember. For instance,
  • There was the time I was quizzed about when each of my colleagues at the lunch table joined our office. I got all of them right, except Namrata's, which was actually not because I did not remember, but simply that I did not know! On that particular day, Akash did not have lunch with us. And I pointed out that I remembered his too.
  • There was a particular discussion I had with my manager once. He was slightly taken aback by the way I was able to quote from e-mail that he had sent out within a month or so of my taking up my current job. (Incidentally, it's been exactly two and a half years since I took up this job.)

And then there are the people who surprise me.

  • There was a particular person who interviewed some of my batch mates when we appeared for our campus placement interviews. He did not interview me, though. About a year after I took up work here, which was itself almost a year after the campus interviews, I ran into this person in the elevator. He remembered my full name, which campus I was from, and which year I'd finished my degree!
  • There was this guy in another team whom I e-mailed a couple of days back to enquire about something. In his reply, he said he was quoting from a "possibly related" mail chain. And that mail chain was one in which I had asked the same guy approximately the same question, a year and a half ago!

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