Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Whoever foresaw that getting addicted to blogging is worse than getting addicted to caffeine? I most certainly didn't. As a dear friend of mine pointed out in a completely obfuscated comment on a recent post, I have become completely addicted to blogging. And until today, I did not realize how right he could have been.

When I started blogging, I used to write primarily on weekends. For the last couple of weeks or so, I've been writing at least one post a day, if not here, then on my private blog. Last night I really wanted to write something and I had a vague idea in my mind, but before that idea could take the shape that it was destined for, a friend of mine called me and we talked for a while. After I hung up the phone, I was feeling too sleepy to think. I had another opportunity in the morning, when Varun (the friend I carpool with) overslept and I had some time to kill while he got ready for work. Somehow the ideas refused to form. I guess I am not a morning person, as far as blogging goes. I can only write code in the morning.

I remember the time I was completely addicted to coffee, and missed my morning cup one day. I had a pretty bad headache that day. I was pretty young then, and did not have the faintest idea how I could make myself some coffee. So after I got back from my school in the afternoon, and my mom got back from hers, she settled in for her afternoon nap, and I desperately needed to do something about the whole thing. So I just went into the kitchen and grabbed myself a spoonful of coffee powder. It was a wee bit more bitter than I'd imagined.

And here's what happened to me today. I had this bottled up restlessness from not being able to write last night, or this morning. And I had a bit of restlessness from a little something at work that I'd been struggling with for a couple of days and not getting anywhere. I did eventually get that thing done today. It seemed almost inconsequential that I finally managed to accomplish this little task that I'd been struggling with all this while.

The instant I got home, I just wanted to sit here and write. But then my laptop ran into some spy ware trouble. Handed it over to the expert and had him fix it. Sat down to write as soon as it was all done. I have yet to go take my evening bath. And my close friends like Sumit and Shashank know how extremely important that is to me. I can give up rajma chawal, chocolate chip muffins, sleep, entertainment, but certainly not either of my daily bath times! Finally. Something else is more important than bathing!

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