Sunday, November 30, 2008

Memorable Moments From Tulika And Neeraj's Wedding

Tulika was actually just the kind of bride that I think I will be when my time comes. Even on her wedding day, she was in her regular, tomboyish form, threatening to beat up guys with sandals even with the extremely heavy lehenga, which, obviously, had to be pink! She was greeting everyone who walked into the bridal room with a compliment on how nice they were looking, and then insisted that everyone tell her how nice she was looking. I somehow found that totally endearing.

Neeraj has this habit of handing out chocolates to all his juniors back in the Department of Computer Science each time he visits it, which is actually pretty often. Today, all those juniors stopped him and his baaraat when they were about to enter the wedding venue, and asked him for chocolates.

Felt nice to see so many people from our Department in one place after quite a while. I think the turnout was a little better than an actual alumni meet. And lots of people from the office as well, since both the bride and groom work at the same place as me.

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