Monday, November 10, 2008

Appreciation For The Boss

We have this concept of a Spot Award at work. It's generally given to someone who does something really commendable in a short period of time. So today my boss got one.

It's slightly out of the ordinary, since I've never actually heard of managers getting this sort of appreciation. It seems to be totally different from the time I got one. (I never wrote about that. It happened a month or so before I started blogging.) This felt a little weird, but definitely felt good, because it is most certainly very well deserved. I've mentioned before that I really like my boss.

We had our share of fun by congratulating him over and over again, knowing fully well that he was finding it a little weird too, and didn't entirely enjoy being congratulated. We also got him to take us all out for lunch. Good day for him, good day for us.


Neat Rat said...


Prats said...

Why do I have a feeling that we work for the same company... Sheesh shouldn't say that though!!

However liking your boss...Strange!! If people started liking the bosses how will we make fun of them and crib about them???

Bhavya said...

That's the way it is... n most of my colleagues like our boss too! But we still don't let go of any opportunity to make fun of him. All in good humour, though :)

shanky said...

Though we talked about this earlier, mentioning it here to be on the record......
Liking our bosses, I totoally believe in it. I personally have a brilliant relationship with my boss (what did you call it, some sort of an affair, I forget the adjective).
And it has given me good,infact brilliant chances. By knowing that I am not against him, I am able to just blindly, carelessly, go ahead and get in a tussle with him. And yeah, he is such a good human being that he bears all the kicks and hits quite happily Poor Soul yuou might say

BTW here is a brilliant link related to this -