Sunday, November 30, 2008


What does it really take in order for a connection to be established between two people? Sometimes, people click within five minutes of meeting each other. And sometimes, they suddenly click in an instant after having known each other for five years. All it takes, sometimes, might be as small as one person saying exactly what the other was thinking about. Or it might involve knowing that the other person needs you to be there for them, even when they don't say it explicitly, and being there for them. But you know what? Whether it takes five minutes or five years, you never really realize how evanescent the connection is, whether or not it is strong enough to sustain a lifelong relationship. The strongest of connections may evaporate within a matter of seconds, when the trust that was established over years is betrayed. Or the faith that was developed over months is shaken. Can one ever tell if something is meant to last forever of vaporize in a week? Not really. The best you can do is to enjoy it if it lasts, and learn from it if it doesn't.

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