Thursday, November 13, 2008

Keeping To Ourselves

Quite often, we seem to keep some information to ourselves without really knowing why we're hiding it from the rest of the world. For instance, I've never been able to get why people who are switching jobs (not applying for a new job, but actually moving on to another one that they have in hand) keep quiet about where they are moving on to. I've never actually done that so far, but, yes, when I did my internship, I was asked about the company where I would eventually take up a job. Initially I wasn't too sure about whether or not I should answer that question, so I kept quiet about it. But eventually I did tell my manager and everyone in my team. I don't think there was anything wrong with that.

Back in campus, our placement cell had a policy about not telling company A that company B was also scheduled to visit our campus. This holds for all possible combinations of A and B. We did ask our Placement Advisor about the reasons behind it, but never got a definitive answer. At the time when I was one of the Placement Coordinators, I did adhere to the policy but never really believed in it.

Why do we do this sort of thing? What exactly is it that we are afraid of?


Prats said...

The reasons are different everywhere... In campuses it is to satisfied the bloated ego of the corporates coming in...
In the job you generally do it so that you enter in an unbiased environment in the new job. The connected world like this the grapevine spreads too fast...
And at lot of other times its our sense of security....

But the question you have raised is entirely genuine and thought provoking....

Ps: Thanks for visiting my blog.

kavita said...

Its called managing 'relationships'... :) And the reason I put relationship in quotes is that there is no real relationship, coz you dont believe in it and therfore can lie about it!!

phatichar said...

Ok, here's a very common (and in my opinion the most-oft quoted)reason. Negative vibrations.

When you reveal the name of your future company, more often than not (unless you're that lucky person who has only good friends and well-wishers surrounding you), due to various reasons, you get reactions - and especially if it's your boss, it could be a very strong reaction -

"Oh, that company? I heard it's not doing too well".

"Are you sure you want to join this company? I hope you've joined this department, cuz it's good, donno about the other ones".

"Hey, why didn't you tell me when you applied? A friend of mine has nightmares to recall about this company."

Or a very stone cold smile. "Hmmmm, that company, huh? Well, all the best."

See, we all want to feel good about our future employer since we put in so much into it - good homework, a great interview, a desirable pay packet. You won't want to spoil all that by just listening to someone's reaction, right?

Especially after you've put in your papers, and it's too late.

Bottomline - When ignorance is a bliss, it is folly to be wise.

My ID not me said...

Its a Bad Mad world, there are sharks everywhere, the sweeter fish you appear the faster you are eaten.
I have seen some real reasons. If your present HR knows which company you are joining and they are not too happy about you leaving, they can stall that. HR managers everywhere come from these 2-3 institutes and are taught to do these dirty things. The hiring manager in company B is a friend of your HR, its a give and take, next time someone from B is leaving for yours they will settle scores while earning those browny points with the CEO that i stalled the AVP's movement.
Now when on campus for hiring, that is when they actually have their reunions, you don't need to tell A that company B is on campus as he knows the people there and can recognise. A & B are India #2 & #3 SW company, both have a condition that they will come only if it is before the other one, and it makes sense.. coz of the 12-15 people who are keen to join SW, top 4 are gone for MNCs.. of the 10 left B picks the other 7, the 3 left for A are useless. B is happy, but not fully, next year B says, I took 7.. I demand more.. I know I missed the top 5 guys, so i won't come until i am before the MNC... while A is anyways pissed off.. and it just goes on.
Though this is a very IT thing, I have seen Peps walk out of placements if the Canteen Chotu served him Coke. The bigger Indian Banks except probably SBI have these ego issues.
End result is.. the EGO massage that the HR gets is direclty translated into Number of Offers on campus OR points that go into your and his appriasal files.

Bhavya said...


u r welcum. I have recently ventured into reading blogs written by people I don't otherwise know, and I'm enjoying it! This actually goes for phatichar too.


Interesting perspective babes :)


yup, negative vibrations must be a strong reason for this.

phatichar said...

Thanks, Bhavya :-) (For the acknowledgement above)

Your blog has been a happy discovery as well. I've been a blogger for more than 5 years now, and I can confidently say that your thoughts are some of the most insightful...your observations on day-to-day nitty-gritties which we otherwise take for granted, are bang on.

Bhavya said...


Thanks a whole bunch :)
I've never before explored new people through their blogs...
One of my closest friends told me that if someone who didn't know me in person were to discover me through my blog, I'd seem to be exactly the way I actually am. Got me thinking about how much you can actually tell about someone just by reading their miscellaneous musings and ramblings...