Thursday, November 6, 2008

Random Things About Me

  • Often, the people who endlessly tease me, pull my leg, poke fun at me, and try to irritate me from time to time are the people I like the best. I don't feel a real connection with anyone who doesn't do this sort of thing. Well, certainly not with a guy who doesn't. It's the good natured teasing that makes me feel close, that makes me feel that I share a bond with the other person. I don't need too much of the serious stuff, the discussions about stuff that is (or seems to be) significant at a given point of time, the confiding in each other, the leaning on each other... as I need of this sort of stuff.
  • I know fully well that talking to friends about stuff that bothers me is good, it's going to help me out, but, exactly when I need to talk to my friends the most, and need their support, I tend to hide in a cocoon and not talk to anyone. On the other hand, as all my good friends will tell you, I am a lot more open than the average person about anything and everything that goes on in my life when the circumstances are not too extreme.
  • I have this recurring nightmare that, when I finally find a guy who wants to spend the rest of his life with me, and with whom I would love to spend the rest of mine, he buys me the most beautiful ring, and he's down on one knee, and the ring does not fit because my fingers are too fat!
  • When someone says something nice about me unexpectedly, I tend to feel more confused than happy. It takes a while for the actual compliment to sink in and make me feel as elated as it should.