Saturday, November 1, 2008

Two And A Half Years Of Software Engineering

It was exactly two and a half years ago that I took up work as a software engineer. I just felt like commemorating the occasion here.

Some stuff I like about my job:

  • The work culture here is pretty cool. You can move your work hours around, you can go out in the middle of the workday, and you can make up for lost time by working from home. And as long as you don't care about Akash's comments on maintaining decorum at the workplace, you can wear whatever you want!
  • The work I've been given in this team has mostly been interesting, satisfying work to do.
  • I like my boss. He creates a terrific feel-good atmosphere around the team.
  • I've made some really good friends in the office, some of whom have helped me rediscover myself.

When I started writing this post, I'd planned a section on stuff that I don't like about this job. But somehow I don't feel like it now, after thinking about the good stuff. So be it. I've spent two and a half happy years here!

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