Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Fun Moments From Aditi And Sumit's Wedding

I had a lot of fun at their wedding. Here are some of the memorable anecdotes.
  • We invited Gullu over to Aditi's place just after the mehendi and the sangeet. He was looking totally lost, at a time and place where guys did not really belong. We girls had quite some fun pulling his leg!
  • The ladies sang a lovely song at the sangeet. It was set to the tune of Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram and it was about the kind of husband we all want, one who cooks, cleans, and generally does everything around the house!
  • Gullu told me he'd also want to order a print of the collage that I made for the wedding gift. He wanted to see it first, to see how many pictures of him it included. Now, when I saw the collage after it was printed, my first reaction was how beautifully it had turned out after the printing and the framing. When Doodlee first saw it, he also said pretty much the same thing and appreciated the effort I'd put in. And Gullu's first reaction? "This includes only three pictures of me, and I am wearing the same shirt in all of them!"
  • When we (the saalis) were welcoming the baaraat, we welcomed Sumit with some mithaai which had an insane amount of red chilli powder in them. He cannot handle too much chilli anyway. His face was quite a sight!
  • When we were welcoming the baaraat, Sumit's elder jeeju asked why I had suddenly switched sides after dancing in the baaraat. I told him that I was always on Aditi's side, because Sumit never called me or invited me properly. His younger jeeju pitched in with a suggestion to pull out his cellphone and call me, so that I'd be on their side!
  • When Sumit was sitting on the stage, waiting for his bride, he spent his time eating kulfi and chewing gum!
  • When we were all in the bridal room, Gullu said he'd go downstairs and ask the waiters to send some appetizers upstairs. We thought he was only kidding. But sure enough, the waiter showed up with a platter of paneer tikka, momos (never before have I eaten momos at a wedding!), spring rolls and some other stuff, and announced that the pizza would arrive shortly!
  • I ate about one scoop of ice-cream for dessert. In the three or four minutes that I ate it, Sumit's cousin Manish (also a friend, and about the same age as us) passed by me three times, each time, saying, "Bas kar ab!" He wanted to do it a fourth time, but he came just as I was finishing off.
  • Sumit's younger jeeju was clicking some pictures. He asked us to pose with his wife (Sumit's sister) in the middle. It seemed as if he was taking a picture of just her. When we asked him what he was focusing on, he told us that he'd spent a month's salary on the jewellery that his wife was wearing, so he was focusing on that!
  • When we were supposed to hide our jeeju's shoes, we couldn't find them, so we hid his jeeju's shoes! And then, all of us girls left our own slippers in the bridal room, went downstairs, and came back wearing the slippers of all the ladies, including Sumit's mom, both his sisters, and his massi!
  • During the pheras, Sumit had a very interesting expression on his face, from which I could not make out if he was able to understand absolutely everything or absolutely nothing of what the panditji was saying. Surprise, surprise. He understood everything, and repeated it to all of us after we came home.

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