Sunday, November 2, 2008

Random Questions

There are some significant, some not-so-significant questions that I've asked myself from time to time and haven't been able to answer conclusively. Just felt like sharing these with my friends, to see if any of them have any clues.

  • I never share my blog posts with my family. I do, every so often, write about them here, but I never make them read it. I seem to feel more comfortable the way things are, with them not reading it. I wonder why.
  • Why am I an engineer? What made me do an MCA in the first place? I mean, it's not an entirely unsuitable area of work for me, but looking back, I can't figure out why picked it, or even if I actually picked it for myself.
  • What is it about me that makes most of my close guy friends classify me as not being a "girly" sort of girl? The ones who say this sort of thing about me are mostly the ones I classify as the ones who know me well.

I'll probably add to this list in the future, whenever more stuff like this crops up in my mind.


Girish said...

Hey ya..bumped into your blog by searching something..sorry I dont know cant answer:)...I saw your posts...great going...good frequency in posting..

Bhavya said...

But all the same, it's always good to see someone, even if I don't know that person, compliment me on my blog :)

Anonymous said...

* Not sure of the reason, but if I were in ur place, I too would have felt the same.. (your place means agar main bhi itta details and personal stuff likhta hota) May be this has something to do with the stuff I heard long time back in a soft skills class. We, Indians, are not very gud at praising/ complimenting someone in his presence. May be u too are not that comfortable with stuff like telling ur geek bro what u like abt him.

* Remember my TM#5 : Not sure abt u, but most of us picked our career that way only..

* India mein abhi gals bhaigiri jyada nahin karti hain.. So with all ur gundagardi, it's tuf to classify u as girly.. (I know I have just earned my PVC, of course, posthumously.. :-| )

But then, the passion for pink, the male-bashing mania and surely, some of your blog-posts (hum insan log itta nahin soch paate :-| ) do give u a girly touch.. :-)

Bhavya said...

Well, yes, we are mostly uncomfortable telling people what we like about them. But main friends ki bhi to tareef karti hoon. Akash ki tareef mein ek poori post likh ke padhwaai thi maine usko!

And the stuff that you said "gives me a girly touch" made me feel good enough to forgive you for whatever you said about the bhaigiri!

actinium said...

i couldn't agree more with 1st part of the 3rd asterisk of bhatti's comment...n more so with the parenthesis-enclosed-post-3rd-part of the 2nd part of 3rd asterisk (or should i call it post-3rd-asterisk portion) of bhatti's comment
if dere r ne further doubts as to what parts of bhatti's comment i do agree with, feel free to contact me @ 33982

Bhavya said...

With the recent turn of events, Bhatti and Ashish are jointly going to be awarded the PVC very soon!

phatichar said...