Thursday, December 18, 2008

Still More Lessons

This is a sequel to Life's Little Lessons and Some More Little Lessons.
  • Nothing, however terrible it may seem at first, is ever as bad as it looks. Every difficult phase that comes your way has something to cheer about, something that pushes you through, giving you the strength to make your way to the other end and emerge stronger.
  • Nothing, however perfect it may seem at first, is really as great or as beautiful as it looks. Every situation that you are faced with and every stroke of good luck that you are granted, comes with its own set of imperfections that you have to work with.
  • Some things in life are just not meant to come our way easily. They are meant to test our patience, our sincerity, our commitment towards whatever it is that we want. But at the end of day, the things we get with some amount of difficulty are the ones we really learn to cherish, to value, to appreciate.


actinium said...

the titles remind me of the encyclopaedia series i used to read in my childhood days..."Tell Me Why?", "Lots more Tell Me Why?" and "Still more Tell Me Why?" :-)

Bhavya said...

I actually had the titles of short story collections in mind. I remember reading some series of those as a little kid. But, of course, the scientists who majored in biology and also know everything about electronics and computers would think only of the Tell Me Why series

kavita said...

Nice post... Each one of us is somewhat imperfect... and somewhat perfect :)