Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I try not to leave anything for myself to regret later on. But some things you can't really choose not to regret. Some things which aren't really in your control, but you wish they'd have happened differently. Some things which prevent you from believing that whatever happens, happens for the best. That everything will turn out well in the end. There are these times in everyone's lives which prevent you from believing that the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle will come together and form a pretty picture. What does one do in such a situation? How long can you hang on to the hope against hope that it will, in fact, be all right?


Neat Rat said...

Do enlighten us when you find out...

Prats said...

Thats is a very valid question, but the answer to this one is a bit tricky. I would say, the everything turns out well in the end is a fictional corollary for people to be optimistic and face the hardship of life. Saying everything turns out well in the end is quite relative. The question would be How well is well. Could it have been better yes or no; but that can not be determined.
The more relevant piece here is life is cyclic and the ups and downs will be a part of it. At every up one will feel it was well and at every down one would feel why me, but that is swaying ourselves in the tide of emotions.
So hold on to whatever one has, because one thing is for sure the cycle turns again so be hopeful of better times when the going is tough and always be prepared for tough times when the going is easy.
what say?

Bhavya said...

Hmm... you're quite right, Prats. Especially when you say that the question is actually how well.
And yes, there are so many things that we think we would rather have done, or would rather be doing, but can we really say if we would have been happier if we'd actually done them? Not unless we actually go ahead and do them.

Prats said...

Yep exactly, so I gen believe in keeping a dual view point on things one which is very long term and would cover multiple up and down cycle of life and kind of tells you where you are headed. The other one is a very narrow one which enables you to feel liberated to live life in the moment and then spent rest of the life in balancing the two :-)