Sunday, December 21, 2008

Happy Birthday, Sumit

I've written birthday posts for a lot of people here and it would be more than grossly unjust if I didn't do one for my best friend. I've actually already done an exclusive post for him and mentioned him in any number of other posts, but this day certainly demands another one. Also, Random Musings is on its way to its double century, and what better subject can there be for this milestone?

After you've known someone for over ten years, the relationship you share with them is bound to have seen it highs and lows, its sunshine and rain. And if you are still friends after all of it, the friendship is certainly a strong and valuable one.

I always make fun of the fact that Sumit likes to dress only in black. If it were not considered inauspicious, he would definitely have chosen to get married in black. But you know what? There have been times when we've been far apart, in different cities or different countries, and I've missed him really badly on some days, and I've marked those days by wearing his favourite colour. It has generally helped soothe the heartache.

I have not been interested in soft toys after I turned ten or so. But I guard my kangaroo with my life. Because it's a gift from Sumit.

I attended Sumit's wedding primarily from Aditi's side. Except the brief period when I went to dance with the baraat. Because it's more fun that way. In a North Indian Hindu wedding, the saalis (bride's sisters) get to have a lot of fun. Like we did. Otherwise, if I'd had to decide whose side to attend the wedding from, it would have been a major dilemma. Because both the bride and groom are among my dearest, closest, oldest, most cherished friends.

Happy birthday, buddy. And, for tomorrow, happy one-month wedding anniversary to both of you. Wish for you to get everything you ever wanted or needed. Although, now that you have such a wonderful wife, I'm sure that doesn't leave much to be desired!


Akash said...

Happy Birthday Sumit...
And belated congratulations for marriage :-)

Sumit said...

Thanks Dabbo for the wishes & wonderful post. I felt really good while & after reading it and also got nostalgic remembering the moments we have spent together in different parts of the country. Life has always been beautiful when you were around & is still beautiful knowing that you are there.

Love & No Worries,

Sumit said...

Thanks Akash for the wishes mate..

Bhavya said...

Tu to poora Australian ho gaya hai re... and I am also catching on to your "No worries" waali habit. Jaldi hi "mate" bhi bolne lagoongi :P