Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Of Life And Living

What makes a life worth living? Some stuff that I think makes life worthwhile:
  • Bringing a genuine smile to someone else's face. We do this often enough with people we care for and are close to, but sometimes we should also do it with people we don't know too well. That's a completely euphoric feeling.
  • Having a few (Say, five. Believe me, five is a really big number for this.) people in your life for whom you would do just about anything, for whom you would always be there, even if they don't tell you that they need you. And who would do the same for you.
  • Loving someone without worrying about getting your heart broken, even if it does eventually smash to tiny pieces.
  • Being able to do exactly what you enjoy doing. Something that you would do even if you were not paid to do it.
  • Having friends who constantly remind you of how special and unique you are.


actinium said...

apropos the 3rd bullet:
Don't be too committed in romance
read ur article and post on d same day...quite a concidence, no?

Bhavya said...

what this person is talking about is not exactly the same thing as what I am talking about, really. I am talking about how you handle your feelings for the other person. This person is talking about how you handle the relationship. Not really the same thing. You can derive a sense of self-esteem from a relationship but not from what you feel for another person.