Saturday, December 6, 2008

Connections 2

Nope, I am not about to write about a documentary series aired on Discovery Channel. This is a follow up to my post Connecting...

Ever notice how, sometimes, you read something written by a total stranger on her blog and feel an immediate, strong connection? You see a character in a movie and you feel that she behaves just like you would in a similar situation? You read a magazine article and you feel that it echoes exactly what you think, and the article could just as well have been written by you?

And then, on the other hand, there are times when a close friend is narrating an incident that involves some friends of his that you don't really know, and you simply cannot connect to the narrative. Sometimes, you block it out because you already think that you don't know the characters involved in the story, so you think you will not be able to relate to it. At other times, you try, but you cannot relate to it. But you can relate to total strangers whose magazine columns you read on a regular basis. Why not to people who are, at least, friends of your friends?

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