Sunday, December 21, 2008

More Random Thoughts, Incidents, And Memories

Some stuff I intended to write here but missed out.

The night out for Akash's farewell party was a whole lot of fun. You know how Bhatti bowls? You see him bowling and you think, this guy is going to hurl himself at the bowling pins, whether he hurls the balls or not. Well, guess what? He never actually did that, but Sandy almost did. Oh, by the way, Sandy was not the only one who fell on to the floor in the bowling alley that evening. Akash was actually rolling on the floor, laughing at my bowling style.

When we were giving the collage its finishing touches, somebody suggested that we should perhaps write something across it. Bhavna and Neha wanted to put something like Friends Forever on it. Now this is a comment that only my immediate team members will appreciate. I said that maybe we should put those words as a watermark on top of the collage. (There is a certain feature that I have been working on which is related to watermarks. It is probably the single most time-consuming feature I have worked on in my two and a half year long tenure in my team.) The comment had everybody laughing at me.

Going back to the Print Screen key incident which I did write about, Abhinav did point out that day that it does deserve an honourable mention on my blog. I didn't want to put it up then, because I wanted to put it in its rightful context, which I could do only after we gave Akash the collage. Abhinav suggested he'd write about it on my behalf, and then we'd see if people could make out that I didn't write the post. He kept postponing writing that post, and eventually I beat him to it. By the way, both of us were pretty confident that, if nobody else, Bhatti would certainly recognize the writing style.

Abhinav used his rusty sketching skills to do a portrait of Akash for his farewell card. I think it was unanimously agreed upon that the only similarity between the sketch and the photograph he tried to copy, was the angle at which Akash's head was tilted.

Akash gave us a lot of fun moments, whether he was around, or we were just sitting around recollecting memories and collecting pictures. We're all definitely going to miss that.

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