Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Joys Of Solitude

I so completely love being by myself! It's so very peaceful, doing exactly what I want to do, what I like to do, the way I like it, and when I like it. After what seems like ages, I slept for twelve hours straight on Friday. From midnight till noon. Come to think of it, it has also been ages since I got up at noon. I don't think I've been able to do either of these things since the long vacation after finishing school and before starting college.

Last night, I challenged myself to twenty four hours of absence from blogosphere. No posts on either of my blogs, no checking on the comments people wrote, no checking out new posts that other people wrote on their blogs. Now, knowing myself and the strong addiction that I have developed towards blogging, the only way to achieve this was to turn off all the computers in the house and not allow myself to turn any of them on. Which is exactly what I did. Felt great. Peaceful. No e-mail, no constant droning noise emanating from the laptop, almost no connection with the rest of the world. A long, peaceful, uninterrupted reading session. Managed to finish my first novel for this shutdown (will write a review in the next twenty four hours) and get a head start on my second one.

But you know, it didn't last too long. I've been trying to fall asleep for about an hour now, only to realize that I wouldn't, until I did this.

Anyhow, I am certainly enjoying my time alone... well, almost alone, since my mom is also at home these days and my brother is always at home for a major portion of the day. But he mostly sleeps or works from home.

By the way, I checked off another two items from my to do list. I've slept a lot. And finished one novel. The second one is well underway. And I am also going to watch another movie on my own today. Watch this space for the book reviews and movie reviews.


Neat Rat said...

It is funny, when you think how dichotomous this whole world and all its creations seem to be. We talk about the joys of solitude, but in the same breath we will sing praises for the importance of relationships... It is funny.. in a sad kind of a way. Why is life so confusing? Or is it us who are confused, looking at the perfectly serene world through this prism of doubts and confusions? Why can't somebody just come and clear up the mess that is our life...? I wonder.. hmph..

Bhavya said...

We all need strong, fulfilling relationships, but we also need time to be ourselves, time to spend by ourselves, discovering our own selves. We need companionship, but we need our space, our own private space that nobody intrudes upon. We always need both these things, but sometimes there's a phase when we need one of them more than the other. And then there will be a phase when things will be reversed. You know what? We need to stop trying to figure it all out, stop asking the hows and whys of it all, and just enjoy life for what it is

Neat Rat said...

But there are times, when ones need to do a lot of soul searching. You have gone through that phase. In this phase, you get to know quite a bit about yourself. And sometimes you feel scared of & by what you have discovered. It clashes with what you think of yourself. And that leads to so much confusion. As I am right now. I don't know if I am even making any sense. But that just mirrors my thoughts right now. Insensible (probably), confused(surely) & random (definitely).