Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Things I'd Like To Do...

...If I had the time and did not need to worry about the money:
  • Write random stuff for most of the day. Most of my waking hours, at least.
  • Sleep to my heart's content every morning.
  • Listen to my favourite music all the time.
  • Vacation in a peaceful, clean place for a really long time.
  • Visit all my friends who are outside of Delhi.
  • Dress up in something amazingly Indian by Ritu Kumar.


Prats said...

Dress in something Indian by Ritu Kumar.... Reminds me of Shaadi ka dresses.... ain't it??? Lolllzzzz

Bhavya said...

That's right :)
Actually, a few years back, I thought I'd wear a Ritu Kumar creation for my wedding... later on I figured I can't afford that! I can only afford something simpler, like a kurti or something :D