Saturday, December 6, 2008

Afterthoughts From Dil Kabaddi

Some random afterthoughts I had after I watched Dil Kabaddi.
  • It's only human to feel attracted towards a new person if you've been in a single, stable relationship for a long while. There's nothing unethical about that. Cheating on your partner would be unethical. Betraying their trust in you would be unethical.
  • We find it so much easier to accept a man who cheats on his wife, than a woman who cheats on her husband. Even the woman who has herself been involved with another guy will find it easier to accept that her husband has been cheating on her.
  • Being attracted towards somebody new doesn't always mean that you are in a relationship with the wrong person. It could just mean that the relationship has become monotonous and that you and your partner need to work on it in order to rejuvenate it.
  • Being attracted towards somebody new could mean that you are involved in a relationship with the wrong person, and perhaps you did not even realise it all this while. This could be the push that you needed in order to take you towards that realization and acting upon it.
  • Seemingly perfect marriages are not necessarily perfect. Not all of them are meant to last forever.

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