Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Beginnings

For some reason, people tend to think that the beginning of a new year gives them an opportunity to start on a clean slate, to be better at what they do, to do new things, things they've always wanted to do but never been able to do.

It's all in the mind. I guess we just need a bit of a push every now and then to guide us in the direction in which we are meant to go, and New Year's Day is one such nudging push. You can actually give yourself that push on any random day if you put your mind to it, but there's no harm in taking a bit of help from an occasion like New Year's Day, now, is there? It's rather nice, actually, the way this day is always meant to signal the onset of something new, new dreams, new hopes, better paths towards their fulfillment.

Happy New Year, people. May the Force be with you.

PS: I have no idea why I put in a Star Wars quote here, since I am not too big a fan. My laptop is the only computer in my house which is not named after a Star Wars character. But somehow this line seemed to fit in just right over here.

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