Monday, March 16, 2009

Not My Cup Of Tea

I've never been able to get why people like tea so much. I've had about two cups of tea in my life and I did not enjoy either of them. Whenever I would visit one of my friends from school at their house, their mom would generally make as many cups of tea as there were people, and Sumit would always drink my share. That's just one of the many little, random things that I sometimes remember and get all nostalgic about.

I've attempted to make tea only twice in my life. Once in my own house and once in Manali in a frying pan. Because, in our house, only my dad drinks tea. And my mom is always around to make it for him. So I never really needed to learn to boil tea leaves.

Not that I stay away from caffeine. I was once hopelessly addicted to coffee. I still have my days when I am totally sleep deprived and swallow cup after cup of coffee. But I make sure that such days don't occur too often.

You know what I've discovered in recent times? When I'm at work, or driving, and want to stay awake, putting on some of my favourite music wakes me up. And when I'm at home, in bed, and want to sleep, the same thing puts me to sleep. It's a beautiful alternative to the caffeine!

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