Sunday, March 29, 2009

Thoughts For The Day

I am beginning to feel rather free and even happier than before about the wedding. Now that almost all the major things have been taken care of, I am a lot more relaxed and able to enjoy this time. The essential clothes and accessories have been bought and deposited with the tailor, the venue has been booked, the cards have been sent to the printer and the pandit has been booked. So today I surprised some friends and myself by being able to find some time to go to my Alma mater for an alumni meet and meet my friends from post graduation. It felt great to remember the good old days and talk and laugh like before.

Went out shopping for a while afterwards. It seems that, after my choora has been bought, every other young woman I see is also wearing one. It also seems that, as a friend told me yesterday and as I also noticed today, a lot of women wear only half the choora after a little while. It must be more comfortable, I guess. But, like my mom says, if you do these little things, either you should do them properly or not at all. I think that kind of makes sense. If you carry out a religious ceremony, do it religiously.

This is a great time for me. I'm almost through with my shopping. Time for me to wind up work and enjoy the romance and visit the beautician and allow myself to be pampered!

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