Sunday, March 8, 2009

The People I Will Miss - Chapter Three

This has actually been pending for quite some time now. I do have a bit of time on my hands today, so I thought I'd do this today. Although there are two people I will refrain from writing about right now, because I try not to say anything about someone I am annoyed with.

Mohit: My dear boss. He's been a great boss, a mentor, a father figure. He's the kind of person who'll always make sure that his subordinates are happy with the kind of work they are getting, with him, and also with each other. He'll do his best to help you out with with any issues you may be facing, on a technical or personal front. He has this protective, fatherly attitude towards us. He'll always call and make sure that we girls reach home safely if we have to work late or after a team outing.

Aman: He's been like my elder brother. (Yes, we actually did the Rakshabandhan and Bhai Dooj rituals.) I'll always have a special corner for him.

Alok: The only person in the office with whom I always felt comfortable enough to share all my worries, anxieties and frustration. And the only person who always, at the very least, listened patiently.

Anuranjan: I have seen his funny side, his bhangi side, I've seen his incredible ability to entertain people, more so when he is drunk. Very recently, I also got to see his sweet and sensitive side. There's one thing I really like about this guy. He'll make any number of remarks and comments and have any amount of fun at my expense. But he always knows his limits and always apologises when he thinks he has gone a little too far.

Gauri: This guy probably has the most interesting sense of humor I've ever come across. It takes a while to catch on - it took me some time to be able to tell when he was joking and when he was serious. But his jokes are always amusing, always entertaining, and he can tell just about anyone in a very forthright manner exactly what he thinks of them. And he can make the funnies of remarks with a perfectly straight face.

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