Monday, March 30, 2009


I've got just under two weeks at my workplace. Change, as they say, is the only constant in life and one phase of life must end for a fresh new phase to begin. I’m moving on towards a new beginning in my life, leaving behind three beautiful years at this company. These three years have been as much fun and as memorable as my three years of undergraduate college, or the three years of post graduation. This was my first, and so far only, job and hence this place, this company, the people I met here will always be very special to me. Life has been good to me in these years. I had the most wonderful boss I could have hoped for, some terrific colleagues, and some really great friends. These are some memories I’ll cherish forever.

The day I announced my plans to my friends and colleagues, I felt rather emotional and sentimental at the very thought of leaving this place. Almost every day in the next two weeks or so, somebody or the other would say something to me to set off a stream of tears.

But now that things have had some time to settle in, I've realized a few things. One, you cannot stay in one city or one job for your entire life. Twenty years ago, that was the way to go, but not in this day and age. There's a certain amount of learning that you can gather at a particular job, but soon enough, you have to move on, or your mind stagnates.

More importantly for me, there are some things that are a lot more important than a job or a geographical location. I know that a beautiful life awaits me where I am going. I know that I have lots of new things to look forward to. I know that this change is for the better.

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