Saturday, March 21, 2009

Eating Healthy

I remember, as a kid, I used to lick the cream off Bourbon biscuits and leave the actual biscuit in the box. I used to eat bowls of Kellogg's Chocos without adding milk, just for the flavour and the crunchiness. I never worried about what fried or spicy food would do for my skin or hair.

Fast forward twenty years. Suddenly I find myself measuring the consequences of everything I eat. Consequences for my skin, hair, and weight. There is a big, flashing signboard on top of every brownie and every chocolate chip muffin. I come home and I eat a bunch of grapes, a cucumber, a couple of kakdis (not sure what they're called in English), and a home-cooked dinner. Once in a while, I do give in to my temporary lapses of restraint and indulge in a portion of Chocolate Excess at Barista. But that's just once in a while. It actually helps keep up the restraint the rest of the time. It keeps the feel good factor alive.

Somewhere along the line, as some of my good friends know, I discovered that I can sometimes extract the same feel good factor from watermelons instead of cocoa. From rajma instead of pizza. And of course, from non-edible, non-tangible things. From knowing and believing that life is good.

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