Monday, March 2, 2009

Musings On Rachita's Wedding

Just a few little things I want to write about here.

Rachita was the prettiest, loveliest bride I ever saw. Her lehenga was my favourite shade of pink! I love that colour. I want to wear it for my wedding too. Which reminds me, I need to get going. I need to find stuff for my trousseau.

Rachita has this notorious history of sprained ankles, scratched knees, and what not. She'd injure at least one of her feet on every trip. She has passed on that karma to a lot of us, including yours truly, who injured her feet thrice on a three day trip to Jaipur and fractured an ankle soon afterwards. Anyway, since it was Rachita's wedding, somebody's foot had to get injured. Chaya sprained hers rather badly just as she stepped out of the car outside the venue. Thankfully it's not quite as bad as it originally seemed.

Anyway, I think this is becoming a tad too random. I'll just wind up by wishing the newlyweds all the very best for their life ahead. May all the dreams you ever dreamt come true, and may they turn out better than you imagined.


Prats said...

Another Wedding Post!!! You have an appetite for weddings I must say!!!

Bhavya said...

It's just that most of my close friends are about the same age, and are getting married at about the same time. Abhi to meri shaadi bhi honi hai :D

cornucopia_of_gobbledygook said... foot is all black and blue along with the swelling... but yeah.. i still feel like laughing when I remember the entire episode.. :-)

and yes...she looked very beautiful..